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Since you're here, you have probably seen a video or heard a podcast with one of daily tips which are aimed at demystifying entrepreneurship and at helping aspiring founders to cut through the noise and information overload.

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I believe young and new entrepreneurs or startup founders are the future of our society and this planet!

In my two decades history of starting, selling, and closing down businesses, alongside of working with large and small companies on innovations and business transformation, I’ve learned that sometimes potentially the best entrepreneurs of the future never really start.

They don't start that business out of fear or because they don’t know where to start. And it’s sometimes hard to find the right place to start in the information overload which exists around startups and entrepreneurship these days.

That's why I started mentoring and helping new founders and to-be founders a decade ago. To help them cut through information overload and help them focus on what matters in the early days.

Here I'm taking all my experience and transforming it into challenge for me and for you - that challenge is 100 days of bite-sized lessons which make a difference and which will give you clear idea about what it means to start a company and lift it off the ground successfully.

It is a challenge for sure, but it is also greatly rewarding! And the best part is, you don't need to do it alone. And you should not do it alone. So join the group of curious minds already taking their future into their hands.

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