Being entrepreneur is a mindset

I say it often and I believe it more and more - being an entrepreneur is a mindset. You don't need to start a company. You don't need venture capital. You don't need a business card.

Being and entrepreneur is a mindset. Mindset which drives you to make things happen. It pushes you to fight for the solution you believe is better; better for the team, company or project, not just for yourself or your career. This mindset also won't let you settle and play it safe. It will compel you to look for better ways of doing things. It will also drive you to go try these better ways, not just sit and think.

This mindset my friend can get you into trouble. But it's exactly this mindset which will allow you to build your life like it is your enterprise. And actually it is the enterprise of You! The only enterprise which matters. This enterprise does not consist of shareholders, cash in bank, receivables, product lines and teams but it's built on the bases of skills, experiences, real problems solved, free cashflow, smart investments and real connections to people.

How often have you heard - "just let it be, it's the way it was always done, don't fix it if it ain't broken, it can't be done any other way, I've been doing this for years so I must know what is the best way, it's too difficult, you'd need too much money...".

Just hearing these sentences sends chills to my brain. I just seriously dislike such language. It also often means there's something to fix right in front of me! Yes, most things these days actually need fixing. Especially if they were done certain way longer than you remember.

Technology has progressed so much in the past two to three years yet most people will still live with processes and techniques and tools from five to ten years ago. There's always a gap which needs fixing. And many times fixing the gap solves a real problems and produces interesting gains. Those are the things I want to fix. Those are the things you want to fix.

I especially hope that generations of teens and youngsters will stop receiving mostly conservative and horribly inadequate work and life-related advice at home and at schools. They (you) are the fixers of tomorrow and we need you to fix things and build your lives as bulletproof as possible.

But why am I telling you this? If you are here you probably know where to get the right advice and you want more than traditional "safe way of career building". So I will finish by saying only this - the only way to make your life bulletproof is to live like an entrepreneur. Keep that mindset no matter if you are employed or you work on your startup.

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