When they say to You, what You should do, don't believe it!

It never stops to amaze me how certain some people with large online following pretend to be advising what you should or shouldn't do. Frankly, I think it's dangerous and stupid. I'm not sharing my experience so you would believe that it is the absolute best way to do the thing you wanna do. I'm sharing it as a possible source of inspiration, as positive motivation on upsides and warning on downsides.

Please, please, please, when you read or hear any advice, just remember it is just "an advice". It should only be an inspiration for possible direction of your actions. It should never be the blueprint. You will notice that the less people know, the more sure they are about their way of doing things. Be aware of that!

Remember that advice is distilled from experience which had many influences and larger context. Both of these crucial elements are typically omitted or ignored when the advice is passed on. And you can see it right on these pages. Many people also don't shy from giving advice framed as generic rule while having experience (albeit large one) only from one or two companies.

Partially, it makes sense. It keeps the advice concise and sharable. Yet it does not help you to put it into your context. The person giving the advice may not even be aware of many of the influences which were in play when they succeeded (or not). Many people can even mix cause and effect or skip relevant data points. Not to mention that if something worked yesterday or last year in their situation there's literally NO GUARANTEE (or reason) it will work today in your situation.

You have to be a strict judge of the source before taking in any advice and you have to be ready to accept the fact that following any advice may not give you expected result even if someone really successful told you it should work like that.

People with broad experience and deep understanding will only tell you what they did and how it worked for them. They will never tell you what you should do.

That's because we don't know what you should do. It's your context. It's your journey. Enjoy it and filter the noise!

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