Crypto mass adoption...

I believe that we are close, very close, but we are missing usability and quality curation which are crucial components for mass adoption. Such mass adoption app would also need smooth (= invisible) cross-chain operability.

By mass adoption I mean that anyone can use it and benefit from it. I imagine I can easily onboard my parents in their 70s or my sister in her 30s. I would onboard them into "an app" which they will intuitively know how to use (or I can teach them in 20mins) and they will understand what is going on with their money, investments, loans, purchases, etc.

The usability and quality curation will bring new form of usefulness into crypto space and I believe it will be a "winner takes all" game. It is logical because if one of my wallets can service most of different use-cases across chains in user friendly UI, I will use it more and more. I am pretty sure that we will soon start seeing bunch of future winners.

It is such a pain in the ass to follow your money through different blockchains and in different pockets. Even with tools like or there are vast and interesting crypto spaces uncovered. Believe me, I am interested, I am curious, I am even decently tech savvy but any time I spend more than a week doing other things, it becomes a true hassle to chase all things down. Not to mention that you almost run out of different browsers to accommodate all the wallets you start using over time and that pain when you change computer...ouch.

I realise that I’m complaining about a problem which is probably felt by less than 1% of people, but I keep my fingers crossed for tools like Zerion to expand quickly into different chains while keeping clean UI and simple UX.

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